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Veranda Chatter

How To Pitch Your Company For Financing

Pitching your company is an ideal way to practice selling your company, perfecting your presentation, and raising funds for your company.

Below are five easy ways to start pitching your company this year.

  1. Create a Business Plan

    Creating a business plan allows you to focus on the purpose of your company, the need you are trying to meet, learning your business story and knowing your financial projections thoroughly. Furthermore, whoever you are pitching to will most likely request a copy of your business plan. It will be much easier to have it done so that you can present it along with your presentation. Creating a business plan will also help you focus on areas that you may have not noticed before. Such as your competitors, industry analysis and trends, ways you should market your company.

  2. Create A Clean Presentation With Impact

    Now that you created your business plan, it’s much easier to create your presentation. You will be transferring key information from your business plan into the presentation. The key is to keep it pithy. Don’t overload your pitch book with data. You should have lots of pictures with key information that is pertinent to the pitch. If you are raising funds, discuss ways you will use the funds and what you have accomplished thus far.

  3. Know Your Numbers

    When you pitch your company, make sure your numbers make sense. Are your financial projections too aggressive? Did you say that your sales projections will increase by double digits? Did you provide solid reasons for your sales growth? Is there a way for the potential investors to recoup their investment? Do you have a clean growth strategy? When you look at your numbers, make sure that they make sense. Be certain that you can answer potential investors’ questions, and that you don’t have any major outliers in your numbers that seem unrealistic.

  4. Find The Right People to Pitch

    Pitch competitions occur frequently and you have to find the ones that are best for your business. Local universities, organizations, conferences, incubators and accelerators are all good places to start. If you want to start raising even more funding, you can also approach private equity firms. I created an ebook, The Practical Handbook for Entrepreneurs, where it has a directory of investors you can pitch to for your business.

  5. Practice

    Presenting is a skill that can improve over time. Don’t give up if the first presentation does not go as planned or you didn’t receive the results you needed. Pitching is a numbers game and the more people you present your plan to, the more likely you will gain success.

Christine Mills