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Veranda Chatter

What Nigella Bites Taught Me About My Business

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I recently watched an oldie but goodie, Nigella Bites on Youtube. For some of you who don’t know much about Nigella Lawson, she’s a British chef, author and TV personality. I used to love watching her show years ago. The artistic intro and sound bite, peeks into her life as she scurried her kids to “the nursery” in London, riding around in taxis, and entertaining guests, made me feel as if I knew her. She quickly became that person who will provide me with a snapshot into life as a working mother in modern day London. Her show always came on at off times, but when I finally knew the showtimes (this was before the DVR stage), I would be sure to catch it. Even watching it years ago, I find it to be quite captivating and entertaining. 

Below I listed some takeaways that entrepreneurs can learn from the show, Nigella Bites and Nigella Lawson herself.

  1. Hire Experts Who Can Make Your Product the Best You Can Afford

    Producing Nigella Bites required a team. There are host of individuals who are behind the scenes ensuring that the show is at its best. Don’t be afraid to hire out individuals to perform tasks you may know nothing about or the learning curve may take too long. If you are not in the position to hire anyone out, you can use software to help you. I find that the website templates today, make it so much easier to make your company look like a million bucks even if you have not yet made your first sale. Also, if you don’t know and you can’t afford anyone, try raising your hand and asking for help. You may be surprised who is willing to help with no strings attached.

  2. Provide Value By Educating Your Customers

    Throughout the show, Nigella would invite the viewers into her pantry and would highlight items that everyone should have in their pantry. She would also open up her fridge and freezer to show viewers her array of frozen goods and other items that she uses to make meal prep easier. Also, while she cooks, she’s explaining her various decisions to while making couscous and grilled chicken.

  3. Provide The Behind The Scenes

    In some of the shows, you will see the camera crew taking pictures of a multi-tiered chocolate cake with edible flowers on top. You quickly gain an idea of how much work goes into making it a success. When you are creating your service/product try to include the behind the scenes peek. People are usually nosey curious about how the sausages are made.

  4. Be Yourself and Let Your Personality Shine Through

    My favorite part of the show is after she serves her dish, and you think that the show is over. Her home is dark, but then a hand opens up the fridge. It’s Nigella taking a bite from her leftovers. You instantly like and can relate to this lady who does not apologize for enjoying food, no matter how delectable it is. Her home is lived in, you instantly want to curl up with a book in her dining room/library and enjoy her homemade hummus topped with toasted pine nuts. 

  5. Celebrate What Makes You Unique

    One thing I have noticed is that the more we lean into what makes us unique, the more value we add. At the time Nigella Lawson’s show was on the air, it was slightly controversial, looking back it seemed quite silly. She was one of the first modern TV chef personalities who was not rail thin and took pleasure in eating. She cooked with butter and olive oil, and ate rich desserts without apology. As someone who has spent most of her life in double digit sized clothes, I enjoyed her even more. That just goes to show you how your uniqueness may attract your core people.

Christine Mills